Grow Today, For A Fruitful Tomorrow

Durian Valley is a project reimagined. Going beyond the conventional, we open up opportunities for you to own a tree that harvests Malaysia’s most profiting commodity - the Musang King Durian.

We See Potentials in Durian Farming

M7 Plantation Berhad has embarked on a journey of cultivating the Musang King Durian, which is known to be a thriving market that is expected to grow and expand, especially in the Asia Pacific.

So let’s get connected today, and grow a fruitful tomorrow together.

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Our Technology

We work closely with leading science and technology institution to ensure that our durian trees consistently delivers high quality fruits.

Producing Organic Fertilisers
Automated Fertiliser Distribution
Manage Optimal Application of Fertilisers
Remote Monitoring System

Our Location

The durian plantation is located in Gua Musang, in the north-eastern state of Kelantan.

Gua Musang is a region well-known as a source for good Musang King durians. It is also widely accepted as the original birth place of Musang King.

GPS Coordinates: 5.066806, 101.736389