Our Product

You’ve worked hard for your money. We believe your money should too.

My Purchase

How do I get started?
Purchase a D197 tree at RM5000 from us, and in return we will help you manage your tree.

My Payout

Year 1 - 5
RM500 payout on the 18th, 36th and 54th month respectively.

My Entitlement

Year 5 onwards
Be entitled to 50% from the sales of the harvested durians from your tree.

How Do I Track My Tree?

We understand the needs of purchasers to actively monitor the performance of their tree. Every purchaser is given direct access to the performance of their tree’s growth, 24/7.

24/7 remote monitoring
Visit your tree at Durian Valley
Timely updates & reports


  • Free tree replacement should your tree dies within 12 months from the signed S&P agreement
  • RM5,000 compensation* should your tree dies between the 2nd - 5th year from the signed S&P agreement

Other Benefit

  • Free 1 night homestay at Durian Valley for every tree purchased