About Us

M7 Plantation Berhad is incorporated in Malaysia. It is a management company focusing on investments in the agricultural and food production sector, specifically durians of the Musang King D197 variety.

Musang King, undoubtedly, the most sought after variety of Malaysian durians, has established a niche market in the agro-commodity sector. Its exotic flavor, intense fragrance, superior texture and nutritious qualities are factors driving the strong demand from consumers in Asia Pacific countries.

Seeing a huge business potential in durian farming, M7 Plantation Berhad is developing a project called Durian Valley, spanning 10,000 acres in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

The Company believes that the adoption of modern agriculture technologies will help to achieve greater efficiency at the farms and, therefore deliver consistent quality produce to meet high global demand.

At the same time, the Management is committed to mobilise and utilize environmental-friendly resources, it sees the Company contributing, and playing a role in the development of a sustainable agro-commodity sector in Malaysia.